Home Remodeling

Improve the functional space of your home with a remodeling project. We can give you a more comfortable, enjoyable space to live.

Home Remodeling

Many older homes have outdated kitchens that feel cramped by modern standards. We can give you more usable space for entertaining friends or for gathering as a family. A complete kitchen remodel may involve moving or removing walls, custom cabinetry, replacing appliances, adding sinks and countertops, and brand new flooring and decorative elements.

Freshen up the look and comfort of your home’s bath with a bathroom remodel project. We can add tile floors, a custom tile shower or whirlpool tub, add new cabinetry and a his and her sinks, and expand a bathroom to give you more space.
In addition, we can repurpose unused space (like a closet or attic space) into a master bathroom or another bath for your family.

Our remodeling team has extensive experience updating and enhancing home exteriors. Give your home enhanced curb appeal with new siding, roofing, and an outdoor living space. Replacement windows, doors, and insulation can lower your energy bills and increase the comfort of your home.

Our Expertise


Interior Design

Style your space in the best interior design in NYC. We strive to live up to the expectations of our clients. Our approach is that we visualize the design plans in collaboration with our clients.


Design & Build

We discuss every aspect of the project with our clients. Our objective is to perceive the right perception regarding your personal style. We understand that budget and timing are crucial considerations in this regard and have a role to play in creating your perfect space.



Hiring us is more of a guarantee that your space will look exactly as you want. The best part is that we deal with all the hassle when it comes to designing your space. We manage everything to the core and spend significant time acquiring the best resources to come up with a flawless design.



We offer the perfect architecture design that is eye-catching and can be termed as a valuable solution also our team has a proactive approach and our team discusses all the intricate aspects with the client when it comes to home architecture in NYC.


Construction Management

We offer contruction management that can be termed as a valuable solution. We can proudly state that have introduced the concept of innovation in designing the architecture. We believes in scheduling parameters that help in creating the functional space with an aesthetic environment. This is why we have an edge over competitors.


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